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Your Customers Are Talking, Are You Listening?

Customers want to give you their information.  Let me state that again, even in this age of data breaches and heightened awareness around customer information, “customers want to give you their information.”  Why, one might ask?  The reason is simple, every customer values good products and good customer service higher than they value their own information…. Read More

SSB: Disrupting The Big Data Landscape

Let me ask you a simple question.  Do you know your customers from top to bottom?  Before you answer, let me take that a step farther.  Do you know where you customer data is coming from and how you can use it to up-sell existing customers and to generate new leads? Most of the time… Read More


SSB Nashville: A Great Year One

SSB is pleased to announce that in our first year in Nashville we created six new data-driven technology jobs. There will be more in 2014. We don’t just talk about creating jobs, we do it. Our clients are getting flooded by an ever increasing quantity of data – we help them turn that data into profit…. Read More

Nashville Digital 2013-08

Nashville Digital Publications – August 2013

“Eyes so transparent that through them the soul is seen.” – Theophile Gautier Audience transparency is the ability for advertisers, sponsors and readers to get a true picture of a publication’s reach. Why is this important, in particular with digital publishing? Because despite the belief that digital tracking is easy, there are a thousand ways… Read More


SharePoint Security Features

Security is one of the top priorities of corporations around the world, and while the digital age has made it easier in many respects, it has also opened up a can of worms, in terms of threats, data loss, and system vulnerability. SharePoint is a case in point: because each deployment is unique, optimal security can be… Read More


5 Tips for Creating Your SharePoint Governance Policy

We’ve been taking a look at some of the most common obstaclesto SharePoint implementation. Next in line is governance, which IT identified as their most pressing concern in the 2011 Global 360 SharePoint survey. Boiled down to its basics, governance is the set of guidelines a company will follow when using SharePoint. These are the rules, procedures,… Read More

Woman using computer

7 Steps to Better SharePoint Adoption

In our last post, we talked about the most common obstacles facing the millions of businesses around the world who are implementing SharePoint. According to the 2011 Global 360 SharePoint survey, development time and effort for building business applications was a top concern, closely followed and tied to user adoption. User adoption has been identified as the single most… Read More


The Most Challenging Aspects of SharePoint Implementation: Development Time

The Global 360 SharePoint survey for 2011 returned some interesting facts and figures for businesses to chew on. Forty-four of the corporations surveyed own and use SharePoint, compared with just four percent in 2003. Despite the incredible adoption rate among medium- and large-size businesses, many experience difficulties related to implementation. The survey identified the top four concerns… Read More


7 Steps to Creating a Master Page with SharePoint Designer

SharePoint Designer is a web and application design program that provides “no-code solutions” for business processes. It is often used to create and manage data sources, create and view forms, and create custom workflows to manage business processes. It also allows for customization so you can achieve a look and feel that reflects your corporate brand… Read More


SharePoint: Junior Consultant vs. Senior Consultant

The difference between a junior and a senior consultant used to be in the amount of years he or she had put into the job. That’s no longer the case, especially in the technology and digital fields. A junior SharePoint consultant doesn’t graduate to senior level just because he’s spent five years, ten years on SharePoint projects…. Read More


InfoPath: 5 Tips for Creating User Friendly Forms

How do you process an expense report? Here’s one way: create a spreadsheet in Excel with the expense information. Print it out, hand it over to payroll. Payroll processes it with a line of business applications, and finally, the information is stored. Here’s another way: you create the form with InfoPath and store it. Sounds better,… Read More

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Can SharePoint Be Social?

Information Week’s David F. Carr writes, “SharePoint’s roots are decidedly pre-Web, stemming from the era of discrete Office documents and network file shares, not the age of Web-based Facebook walls, Twitter feeds, and blog comment streams.” Many believe that while SharePoint has improved, it still does not handle social integration well. This is a problem because… Read More