Daryn Smith

Daryn Smith

One of the key factors that separates SSB Consulting Group from the competition is the willingness to work diligently to ensure the success of each client. This has made Daryn Smith an ideal fit for the group. From an early age, Daryn recognized the need for hard work and drive; success does not happen, it is achieved. He worked more than a dozen jobs even before he started university and continued to push himself to accomplish his goals. This led Daryn to the University of Colorado, where he earned both an Undergraduate Degree in Information Systems and a Master’s Degree in Accounting.

During his years at the University of Colorado, Daryn began an internship with Arthur Andersen, which was, at that time, one of the “Big Five” accounting firms in the United States. Starting in Auditing, Daryn transitioned to Andersen’s Technology Risk Consulting group and eventually into their business consulting division, an opportunity that provided Daryn with invaluable experience in handling data, systems, and information processes. The progress, he says, was very beneficial as  as he used learnings from each area to the enhance the work he does and enjoys today.

From there, Daryn moved on to positions with AT&T Broadband, Hitachi Consulting, and RevGen Partners, working with a diverse clientele and sharpening his skills further. This experienced, combined with Daryn’s innate ability to communicate clearly, have made him an integral part of the SSB team.

Daryn specializes in business intelligence; he brings an incredible attention to detail to the team, as well as an ability to speak fluently in both business and technological terms in order to help clients analyze, evaluate, and improve or implement business processes effectively. Bridging the gap to facilitate better understanding between business and IT groups is crucial to the success of any project, and is a skill set that Daryn brings to every client.

When he’s not working, Daryn enjoys good food, good sports, and good company. You will find him cooking, grilling, watching and participating in sports, and spending time with his family.