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SSB believes a clean data foundation is a gateway to maximizing business performance and empowering clients with transformative knowledge.  We have a holistic vision of the digital and data-driven future of Higher Education and Professional Sports. And the future is truly about the rich combination of people, technology, and data clarity.

We see the full picture of innovation opportunities and data-driven decision-making in the Higher Education and Professional Sports environment.  SSB’s unique products and services deliver a clear picture of a client’s business in an elegant and simplified manner to maximize impactful business performance and realize true potential.

Meet the SSB Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

David Marr

Photo of Steve Hank
Chief Commercial Officer

Steve Hank

Photo of Bryan Brinks
Co-Founder & SVP of Product Operations

Bryan Brinks

Shane Rose
SVP of Product Engineering

Shane Rose

VP of Product Strategy and Client Success

Mark DiMaurizio

VP of Corporate Strategy

Blake Groves

Director of Human Resources

Gail Garfield

Finance, Planning & Analysis

Phil Boyd

Our Partners

Bringing best of breed solutions and services together for our clients is in the best interest of our clients, and our clients find it to be a key and refreshing difference maker that delivers impact, efficiency, and ROI. At SSB, we continually evaluate partnership opportunities to grow and improve our offering.

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