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Arizona State and the need for a Centralized Data Warehouse

Arizona State University

The Challenge

Prior to working with SSB, Arizona State University’s central database system was segmented, causing departments to act independently of one another and preventing key administrators from obtaining important data in a timely manner.

* Athletics and fundraising departments could not access ticket sales or donor data to drive marketing and sales decisions.

* There was no established approach for identifying and interacting with customers and donors, resulting in different     departments’ contacting the same customers.

The Results

Arizona State University has implemented a full-scale infrastructure overhaul, allowing departments to effectively market to target audiences based on real-time data.

Efficient and effective reporting: SSB Central Intelligence provided the centralized data warehouse that streamlined the season-ticket renewal process by eliminating the multiple database systems that customers were required to log into (one to purchase tickets and another to make a required donation to the athletics department).

This resulted in a 400 percent online football season ticket renewal rate increase in 2013.

Arizona State University can now execute segmented and customized phone, email and direct mail campaigns to ticket holders and donors, providing a more efficient process of managing existing customer relationships.

Demand pricing: SSB created real-time reporting dashboards to help key administrators monitor ticket sales in real time and make decisions in a timely manner. For example, ASU’s associate athletic director for revenue was able to monitor ticket sales for an upcoming football game from his iPad, remotely from his daughter’s soccer game. Based on the data being recorded, he was able to adjust the number of available tickets and prices in order to match demand.

Real-time analysis of the executive summary reports resulted in more than $350,000 incremental revenue in 2013.

Quality fan engagement: SSB created a real-time snapshot of key performance indicators, such as renewal percentages and email subscription statuses, allowing Arizona State University to effectively follow up with customers regarding account settings and changes, thus providing a better relationship-centered customer service initiative.

Arizona State University was able to match 35 percent of ticket purchases with Advance ID, and 36 percent with ASU Affiliate ID based on revised customer profiles.

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