It’s All About the Fans

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When your fans are the lifeblood of your business, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve their experience— from more targeted communications to more personalized incentives and deals. Making those improvements, however, means having real-time access to customer data across all your technology systems, so you can better understand what your fans want and how to more effectively reach them.

The problem? Getting that kind of access to data is exceptionally tricky when you’re using disparate technology systems that don’t connect. You need an integration solution that’s powerful enough to turn fragmented information from thousands of interactions into complete customer pictures. And you need the ability to apply what you learn toward smarter business decisions.

In this eBook, we’ll show you how two professional sports organizations—the Minnesota Vikings and Monumental Sports & Entertainment—conquered the challenges of siloed data using the Central Intelligence platform from SSB. You’ll learn how each company implemented our fan retention software for ticketing to unify data and information, how they’re using the platform to generate new insight, and how they’re leveraging that insight to cut costs, boost sales, and drive quantifiable ROI.

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