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Analytics for Full Fan Engagement

Integrated data tells a detailed, fact-based story about every fan. A story you can leverage for informed investments, strategic decisions and improved workflows. SSB Analytics takes the Central Intelligence master data management platform to the next level empowering our clients to maximize business performance and get real results from our customer data platform.

Learn more about the most powerful analytics platform built for sports, entertainment and education today.

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Easy Implementation

Quickly and easily visualize data across your current platforms including marketing, CRM, ticketing, concessions and merchandise.

Frequent Updates

Visualizations adjust based on changing technical and market landscapes. No coding or additional head count needed.

A True Fan Picture

Get the full picture of the experience your fans are having through operational visualizations of what is happening at the stadium and in near real time.

Standard Reports

Best-in-industry reports spanning multiple data sets including ticketing, attendance, food & beverage and merchandise. Automatically gain access to these reports as they become available.

  • Growing list of visualizations continually updated based on industry best practices
  • Up to the hour data in reports providing near real time information
  • Interactive visualizations – drill down to individual games and data points
Social Media Insights

One centralized location for the organization to access individual post performance metrics for all Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social media accounts.

Seamlessly consolidate multiple marketing platforms and all the data points in one place via Central Intelligence and the Social Media Reporting Integration, to immediately access valuable business insights gleaned from the social data stored in your warehouse.

The integration works seamlessly with your go-to reporting, data visualization, data warehousing, or business intelligence tool.

Visualization Gallery

Gain access to best practice visualizations at your fingertips. SSB Analytics includes a gallery of reports showcasing best practice visualizations across sports entertainment & education.

  • 100s of unique dashboards available – model your reporting after these or build custom for your needs
  • See best practice visualizations for sell out strategies, secondary ticket sales, concessions, executive views and more


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