Drive Outcomes Through Clean Data Management

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Drive Outcomes Through Clean Data Management

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Maximize Business Performance

Drive revenue growth

Central Intelligence integrates all of your systems to deliver a comprehensive record of each customer, giving you the ability to target more effectively and convert leads.

Increase customer engagement

Central Intelligence helps you transform your one-size-fits-all strategy into precise, targeted communication that builds deeper levels of engagement with your customers.

Create operational efficiency

Central Intelligence automates challenging tasks like data integrations, data hygiene, and master data management so you and your staff can proactively focus on strategy and customer experience.

Treat your data as an asset

As the starting point for innovation, Central Intelligence leads you on a path to new practices and opportunities beyond technology.

How It Works

The Golden Record

Connect Data From Across Your Organization

Central Intelligence aggregates customer data sources of all types and consolidates them into a single, comprehensive, and reliable customer profile.

  • Built on SSB’s proprietary Master Data Management (MDM) solution that consolidates and cleanses multiple source system records
  • Standardizes customer data to produce a winning “Golden Record” for each customer
  • Updates to the customer record run and sync nightly to maintain data hygiene

We’ve Integrated Hundreds of Data Sets for a 360 Degree View of Your Customers

Access Actionable Insights in CRM, Email, and Data Visualization Tools

Your team will see up-to-date customer records that are refreshed on a nightly basis and updated in CRM and marketing automation systems as well as data visualization tools for reporting.

  • Ensure access to reliable data in your most important business systems
  • Eliminate duplicate contact records in CRM to reduce inefficiencies
  • Measure key performance indicators using SSB’s best-practice standard reports or create your own custom visualizations

Create Meaningful Engagement That Drives Conversions and Loyalty

Enrich communication with your customers by understanding who they are and how they’ve interacted with your organization.

  • Have a clear picture of the customer’s interactions across your organization
  • Create a positive relationship with your customers through personalized communication
  • Drive revenue growth and increase the customer lifetime value by anticipating their needs and delivering value