Connect Your Data and Transform Your Organization

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Connect Your Data and Transform Your Organization

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Customer Data Platform

Data about your customers is often found in disparate systems. You have hundreds of data points unique to individuals who engage with your brand in ticketing, CRM, merchandise, concession, donation systems and more. Connecting these sources to deliver one single view of the customer can be difficult and time consuming.

SSB’s Central Intelligence customer data platform is built on the belief that having a single source of truth for all of the touch points your customers have with you regardless of the system creates incremental revenue opportunities for your brand.

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Connected Data to Empower

Personalized Messages

Deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. Central Intelligence powers hyper-targeted personalized messaging across multiple communication channels.

Strategic Business Decisions

Your data is not valuable unless you can take action on it. SSB Segmentation is built to make your data usable by everyone in your organization without needed deep technical training.

Workflow Enablement

Central Intelligence is the engine that powers any solution you use leveraging clean, organized, scalable, and secure business data. We are system agnostic, connecting to your platforms seamlessly.

Incremental Revenue Growth

Create incremental revenue opportunities for your brand leveraging a single view of the customer. Answer strategic business questions in minutes, take action and measure your impact on growth.

We’ve Integrated Hundreds of Data Sets for a 360 Degree View of Your Customers