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Driving revenue requires every system working together. CRM. Ticketing. Marketing. And more. It requires one comprehensive record of every fan. With clean data that you can trust and access. For that, you need an efficient data management software.

Our powerful Central Intelligence platform delivers current, complete and consistent profiles of every fan so you can segment, target and generate qualified leads and immediate ROI, empowering your team to succeed.

With clients spanning major league teams and University athletic departments across the country, SSB has unparalleled sports expertise. Fan engagement, knowledge, and growth opportunities increase exponentially for our clients, leading to strategic decision making and focused marketing and sales initiatives that drive profitable results.

Our Solution

A Custom Relationship with your fans

SSB helps you market and sell to individuals instead of masses. With a complete, consistent and current view of each fan, you can give your customers what they want, when they want it. And that makes them act.

Our software is built on the belief that a solid foundation of data is the key to maximizing business growth. We give you one master platform for the smartest view of every fan and all their interactions with you ensuring you have a complete picture of every customer that is easily accessible and actionable.

Armed with an accurate view of each customer, your business teams can spend more time on fan engagement and creating campaigns that speak to the right customer at the right time. The result? Excited fans, packed stadiums, higher ticket sales.

SSB Case Studies Learn more about how our clients have increased their sales with SSB

Our clients include top names in sports & entertainment.

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