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SSB Launches Innovative Platform for Revenue Growth in Higher Education

Central Intelligence for Advancement by SSB is designed to maximize fundraising revenue, enhance marketing strategy, and utilize analytics for data-driven decision making in higher education

 Denver, CO (January 28, 2021) — SSB has announced the launch of the Central Intelligence for Advancement platform, a constituent data management solution for universities and colleges designed to enhance donor insights and boost fundraising revenue potentialSSB has served over 2,000 colleges and universities in the higher education market for over 10 years to enable and support data transformation initiatives. Over half of the Power 5 institutions trust Central Intelligence to clean, organize, scale, and secure their business data to create incremental revenue opportunities leveraging a single view of the customer.  

Bringing Central Intelligence to the advancement market offers synergy across campus units to develop new and deeper relationships with donors, alumni, key constituent groups and fans by offering unprecedented levels of service and engagement. SSB enables clients to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time and provides dynamic reporting on key performance indicators. This maximizes impact and allows clients to realize dramatic resource efficiencies  

Central Intelligence for Advancement offers three main components: a data management platform that aggregates, cleans, segments and reports on data across multiple disparate sources to create a consistent or mastered golden record” of each constituent by utilizing SSB’s proprietary clean data technologymatching gift automation that identifies opportunities, engages donors and tracks gift match completion; and a wealth screening tool that provides unique insights into donor wealth demographics. This comprehensive solution reimagines how higher education institutions can approach fundraising through highly targeted, personalized marketing and fundraising efforts to cultivate relationships and yield higher revenue. 

“After listening to our higher education clients, SSB built a solution specifically designed to address the pain points they shared with us around fundraising and outreach,” explains Mike Banville, CEO of SSB. “Never before has higher education had the option to manage data from all of their fundraising, athletics, alumni engagement systems in one central location that enables better decision-making, campaign strategy and donor engagement.” 

The Central Intelligence for Advancement platform gives higher education professionals the system they need to apply a relevant and timely approach to fundraising interactions based on their donors golden” recordwhich are cleaned and enriched nightly and updated in the school’s fundraising system. 

Dozens of institutions across conferences such as the ACC, SEC, BIG TENas well as hundreds of institutions across higher education, including recently signed Tarleton State University, leverage the platform. They utilize Central Intelligence to drive fundraising levels by increasing the number of donors, gift sources and gift size, while cleaning and enriching their donor data to provide them with a 360-degree view of their constituents 

To learn more about the Central Intelligence for Advancement platform or schedule a demo, visit 

About SSB 

SSB maximizes revenue and fundraising efforts for the higher education, collegiate athletics, professional sports and nonprofit industries through data management, data analytics, gift matching and CRM products and services. SSB provides ongoing access to relevant, real-time data and business intelligence that can be easily implemented toward driving fundraising and revenue goals. SSB serves over 1,500+ professional sports organizations, collegiate athletic departments, higher education institutions and non-profits. HEPdata, an SSB company, was acquired to further serve the advancement industry. SSB was named the 2017 Microsoft U.S. Education Partner of the Year and is a contracted provider through E&I Cooperative Services. SSB is backed by Austin-based private equity firm Strattam Capital, and has offices in Denver, Nashville, and the Washington DC area. Learn more at or visit LinkedIn or Twitter. 

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