How Monumental Sports adapted its data strategy to enhance fan engagement

Key Takeaways

03:17 – Monumental Introduction

06:45 – Monumental marketing video on fan interaction in-venue

10:08Connecting the Fan – integrating data sources into a system

  • Fan ingestion points to integrate
  • How do you work with vendor partners to get all that stuff into the right place?

13:05 – Starting with a vision

15:53 – The Connected Fan ecosystem

  • Focus on how this is going to drive revenue

22:36 – Examples of targeted fan interactions

30:06 – Potential future iterations of the Fan Insight Platform

34:53 – What is the best way to show ROI for all your technology platforms and how are you showing that value to your executive team members and the administration at the various team and franchises?

37:51 – What have you found the most valuable data sources?

41:00 – How are you managing privacy concerns and applying the law and information?

43:33Where do I start to get this type of project off the ground?

47:45 – How do you find the balance of promotions between the teams at Monumental?

51:20 – What automated journeys are bringing in the most revenue and providing the most value to your organization?