Conversations in Crisis with Jeff Hunt


Key Takeaways

04:12 – Advice for institutions during this trying time we’re all undergoing.

05:06 – Three key components to building greatwill with key constituents

06:08-09:27 – Foundation principals or techniques to building greatwill

  • Authenticity, transparency, speed, agility and creativity

09:29 – The value of data in having intimate and authentic conversations with employees or clients

11:11 – Surprising and delighting occurs when you can deliver unexpected value that meets their needs, not theirs.

14:13Common mistakes organizations or institutions make during crisis situations

18:10 – Examples of organizations driving positive impact from doing it the right way

21:16 – Advice on how to communicate and manage relationships with staff who have been furloughed

26:33 – The #1 thing we want season tickets holders to know as a President or Athletic Director

28:22Training sessions people can run with their staff to help them through tough conversations

32:17 – Examples of connecting with fans on an authentic level

36:16 – Dealing with the era of misinformation

38:59 – What organizations should be doing to prepare for the end of this crisis

41:55 – Being true to your personal brand