Mapping Out Your Data Journey to Drive Business Outcomes


  • Wade Longmire, SSB


  • Eric Nichols, Senior Associate AD/CMO for the South Carolina Gamecocks
  • Michael Farris, Business Intelligence Lead for the Country Music Association (CMA)
  • Andrew Case, Director of CRM & Analytics for the Florida Gators

Questions for our panelists

4:30 – Introductions and first question, “Why is data important?”

11:37 – What has the data journey looked like for your organization at a high level?

17:58 – How was this data journey emulating or coming forth from different parts of your organization?

19:54 – What is your vision for some of the positions you have created and how do you see those folks interacting? What are they doing on a day to day basis?

21:37 – What are some examples on the plus side of benefits that you’ve seen in your organization as you use data more and more strategically to be great?

27:54 – Provide some detail or specific tools you guys are using.

29:23 – What are some of the challenges that you have all seen as you have used data more and more in the organization?

32:40 – Convey some of the qualitative results of your efforts to your leadership team. What are some of the ways that you try to communicate value internally or point to some of the wins?

37:38 – What are you guys focused on right now in the short term and where do you see areas of growth to either identify opportunities for engagement or revenue streams?

41:08 – Where are you focused as it related to bringing in other groups in this journey?

45:02 – Would you share with the group some lessons you’ve learned, advice you’d give to someone who wants to start down this journey or best-practices on any of those pieces?

50:07 – Do you have any best-practices when it comes to interdepartmental collaboration? How do you create synergy when using all these tools together? If you were choosing one tool or one starting point/one partner, where would you begin?