Webinar On-Demand: How Monumental Sports adapted its data strategy to enhance fan engagement

About This Webinar

A challenge facing many organizations is curating the right mix of content to connect with fans in an authentic way.

Adam Heintz, SVP of Business Intelligence at Monumental Sports, shares how his team is using data in this unique environment to garner positive attention and drive engagement.

Things We Will Discuss

  • Leveraging data to create a “Connected Fan” view
  • Fan engagement success stories from Monumental
  • How Monumental pivoted its communication strategy

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Meet Adam Heintz

Adam Heintz is Senior Vice President of Business Intelligence at Monumental Sports and Entertainment. In this position, he oversees all strategy and analytics efforts across ticket sales, corporate partnerships, executive suites, and marketing for each of the organization’s properties.

Previously, Adam served as president of ONOSYS, a subsidiary then owned by LivingSocial which was successfully guided to an industry partner. Additionally, he has served in leadership positions across several business lines at LivingSocial and Orbitz Worldwide, primarily in the e-commerce space.  Adam earned a B.B.A. from Ohio University and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago focusing on strategic management, marketing, and economics.

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