SSB’s Central Intelligence solution is the platform which enables transformative business understanding and decisions, driven by identifying, collecting and analyzing significant data and information from all of your sources, both internal and external.

A complete understanding of business health and a 360-degree view of your customers drives strategic decision making, enables the segmentation of audiences, and the delivery of coordinated, cadenced communication across channels, all made possible through connecting the relevant data for each individual record.

Central Intelligence brings all channels into one central repository, providing you with a single, clean, comprehensive and complete database. The insights generated by CI lead to more effective, efficient and cost effective, real time data understanding and action, ultimately leading to growth and success.

How it Works

SSB’s Central Intelligence brings all of your data sources into a single repository where it uses data hygiene products to clean and enhance the data.  It eliminates duplicate records and provides the “best record” possible to give you a complete view of your customers.  After the data has been stored and cleansed, you can take advantage of the CI suite of tools designed specifically for data segmentation, data exploration, advanced reporting and real-time web analytics.

Where we are involved

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What SSB Central Intelligence Delivers

  • Maximizes customer lifetime value
  • Creates a clean, complete, and easy-to-use single view of your customer data through integrated data hygiene
  • Allows access to integrated dashboard reporting and analytics tools online, through mobile devices, or via email
  • Enables detailed customer segmentation across all integrated data sets and pushes the segmented data via integrations with downstream systems like Email and CRM platforms
  • Easily centralizes, scores, and routes leads to sales and marketing systems;
  • Integrates seamlessly with current platforms.
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