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How Unbound Grew Matching Gift Revenue by 29% in One Year


Creating lasting change requires resources. Specifically, money.

Unbound is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that believes education is the greatest hope for changing poverty and creating lasting change. One of the biggest impacts they make is by providing scholarships to children in 19 developing countries, including Guatemala, the Philippines and Kenya.

All Unbound’s matching gifts are committed to their scholarship program. Matching gifts provides direct financial assistance to Unbound scholars in one of the 19 developing countries worldwide. In 2021, matching gifts represented 16.5% of total scholarship assistance. 

Through higher education, they are building a brighter future for themselves and their families.  That’s why Unbound partnered with SSB for its matching gifts solutions. 

How Unbound Did It

With SSB’s eMatch© Portal, an easy-to-use platform to identify, automate, and maximize all matching gift opportunities, Unbound was able to increase matching gift revenue by 29% in one year. 

“Our significant increase in matching gifts can be attributed to the matching gift option for our donors at check-out and the ability to track the progress of their gifts in eMatch© Portal,” said Michael Calabria, Planned Giving Director at Unbound.

Educating Donors on Matching Gifts

Over the past year, Unbound’s marketing team has been educating their donors about matching gifts and how they can impact scholarships. Part of that education included email marketing and adding a new matching gifts page to their website. 

The page includes an overview of matching gifts and what they go towards as well as an eMatch© Donor Link, a company lookup for donors to see if their company will match a gift.

unbound matching gift page

Unbound also details a FAQs page for employer matching to help donors get questions to commonly asked questions. 

“eMatch Portal has been essential in the daily progression and tracking of matching gifts. The portal is easy to use and customizable to our non-profit needs,” Anna Koester, Matching Gift Coordinator at Unbound. “SSB provides excellent customer service that is prompt, knowledgeable and professional.” 

For more information on how SSB’s matching gift solutions can help you grow your fundraising strategy, visit

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