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SSB is a central player in the business of collegiate athletics and university fundraising.  We provide a critical data management platform that serves as a gateway to engaging with fans, impressing donors, recruiting students and inspiring alumni.  Our vast experience in CRM solutions for college athletics helps realize the true revenue potential for universities and institutions.

It starts with uncovering and analyzing the right information, which helps improve efficiency and focus of business teams, and then builds better connections with students, their families, donors and sports fans.

The result? Spend less money on marketing, sales and fundraising efforts while producing better results.

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Our Solution


At SSB, we bring all of your data from multiple sources together in a structured platform where it can be measured and actioned by stakeholders across the university. This enables better connections and better service to students, alumni and fans.

A strong data foundation helps your business teams recognize the changing needs of constituents, solve their problems, and create new revenue opportunities into university revenue teams while providing a comprehensive view of KPIs.

The result is engaged donors. Excited fans. Packed stadiums. Higher ticket sales.

SSB Connects Your Campus


Target and segment with nuance.


Get actionable intel for recruiting appeal.


Nurture those relationships as they change.


Build team spirit, attendance and engagement.


Discover what they want. And deliver.


Win their favor and leverage them.

30+ Years in Education & Sports

Get quantifiable business impact and maximize results for your institution today.

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